Welcome to Action For Greyhounds

AFG is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the welfare of greyhounds and driven by three primary aims:

  • Raise awareness about the plight of greyhounds bred for racing.
  • Campaign for the abolition of commercial greyhound racing.
  • Promote greyhounds as pets.

In addition to the above and resources permitting, AFG facilitate the care and future security of greyhounds unwanted and abused. To this end, both dedicated foster and forever homes are needed for greyhounds rescued.

AFG believe the ‘business’ of greyhound racing and the humane treatment of greyhounds are simply incompatible. AFG therefore support a call for:

  • The government to pass legislation making it illegal to place or accept bets on greyhound racing.*
  • The general public to NEVER attend or bet on greyhound racing, so the industry fades away through lack of support.

Just a few of the hundreds of greyhounds put to sleep following injury on British tracks every year:

Killough Boss, Fida Cascada, Malbay Katie, Skywalker Brenda, Gulleen Star, Glenske Sky, Ardera Express, Kilkeedy Blue, Loughmore Boy, Time Cracker, Oklahoma Trail, Barra Snowstorm, Rookies Fantasy, Obligation, Aintsheapeach, Mistress Quickly, Mi Starr, Fortune John, Balreask Touch, Dawn Sunset, Liam Maldini, Blue Fern, Happy Hawk, Benlass Panther, Princess Rocket, Westway Pride, Ballymac Mondo, Upalongway, Coran Singer, Dainty Express, On The Level, Swift Aqua, Nervous Carla, Rathtooterny Zip, Kelsco Girl, Anduin, Emerson Catkin, Daves Dasher, Townbrow Mentor, Bluestone Lane, Hanoi Son, Glandore Queen, Frisby Foreman, Corrig Cinders, Killeacle Rose, Pigalle Rainbow, Daltons Lass, Glaseen Vieri, Hes A Cheetah, Work Of Art, Mail Madness, Will He Rumble, Sarahs Storm, Anns Wood, Carbarns Lenny, Head Iton Leanne, Dunmahon Boss, Saleen Rob, Hi Polejointer, Barfunkel Craic, Run On Jess, Icecream Charlie, Woody The Tiger, Marathon Girl, Disney Trip, Calm Aero, Lou Be Sure, South West Flyer

AFG Cinema Awareness Campaign 2 – The Race for Life

AFG Cinema Awareness Campaign 3
“Greyhounds – Dying to Entertain You”

‘Grey’ by singer/songwriter Raie

Please listen to and share this song, ‘Grey’ by singer/songwriter Raie from her album Red Brick Angel.

‘Grey’ is a tribute to the thousands of rescued survivors of the Greyhound racing industry and to the beautiful people who campaign on their behalf.

Raie is a Greyhound adopter and a supporter of Action for Greyhounds.

AfGs 2 main annual campaign/awareness events for 2024 are:

‘Remember Rusty’ weekend

Sat 27th & Sun 28th April
“Remembering Rusty” is an annual event held on the nearest weekend to May 2nd to commemorate the life and tragic death of Rusty, a greyhound discovered in agony on Fochriw Mountain in 2004. Rusty had endured severe injuries, including being shot in the head and having his ears hacked off to remove identifying tattoos. Read more here.

Greyhound Remembrance weekend

Sat 20th & Sun 21st July
Greyhound Remembrance Weekend is an annual event held on the nearest weekend to July 24th, marking the anniversary of the inception of commercial greyhound racing in Britain in 1926. This weekend serves as a poignant reminder of the countless greyhounds that have suffered and perished due to the racing industry

Dying to Entertain You

AfGs first advertising awareness campaign.

‘ Dying to Entertain You’ launched in June 2014.

Breaking new ground for the anti Greyhound racing movement.

Our effective, thought provoking posters were carried on the rear of
busses covering 6 key locations across the county within the catchment
area of the local licensed Greyhound stadiums. Over the 8 week busy
Summer period.

AfG’s Tribute to beautiful Lin

Lin was a dedicated animal rights and animal protection campaigner for well over 35 years and, with Annie and Peter, help found Action For Greyhounds UK in 1999.

Lin was very active in the group and a dedicated supporter and helped AFG achieve the status the group holds today.

After two and a half years, Lin lost her battle against the dreadful disease of cancer in May 2012 – an amazing and very special person who this world has lost and who will be so greatly missed by so many.

Action For Greyhounds: 01603 469864