Colour/sex: Blue Female

Date of birth: 09.05.1998

Last rec. trainer: Mr B Creckenden

Races contended: No racing history known

Last rec. race: N/A

ABBY – (named for racing as) Canalside Willow

Abby came into the care of AFG in 2003 when the then owners had a new baby and couldnt cope with Abby as she was clumsy and boisterous, (although they also had another black female of the same age who was very docile).

Abby quickly settled into her foster home with Fran and Tim who had years of experience caring for unwanted racing greyhounds.
As is often the case with our foster carers, Abby’s foster home quickly became her forever home, she was soon after joined by an AFG lurcher ” Scooby”.