Dogs Name: Blossom

Date of Birth:  approx: January 2016

Breed:   Sighthound ( Galgo type)

Date came to AfGs care:  27.12.2018

How dog was acquired:  Saved from a Romanian dog pound

Date homed:  May 2019

After a long journey from Romania Blossom arrived timid and bewildered and judging by her poor condition and a number of scars over her body she had obviously endured much rough treatment and neglect during her young life.

Luckily we had a very experienced foster home  for her to go straight to where she was made very welcome by her human family and two resident rescued hounds a  Greyhound and Lurcher who all helped her tremendously to gain her confidence.

Blossom soon learnt of the many home comforts she could enjoy and soon made herself comfy on the sofas and the choice of beds in each room upstairs.

She enjoyed her walks and soon bonded with her foster carers and once her body condition had built up she was  able to be let off lead for lots of free running and socialising with other dogs large and small and enjoy the puppyhood she has missed out on.

She is also very good with the resident rescued Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and a Tortoise who also share her home.

Her foster family did an amazing job building Blossom up physically and mentally over the weeks which followed her arrival and…as is often the case… they could not imagine her not being part of their family and so decided to adopt her permanently.

Blossom continues to flourish and enjoys many great experiences, her life is now full of love, comfort, fun and adventure.