Sighthound Supreme Snoods (By U-NeeK creations)


Keep your dog warm with a supreme snood, made from chunky acrylic yarn and available in a variety of sizes and colours.

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Made from chunky acrylic yarn.

These snoods are from 12″ to 17″ long, so are suitable to be worn either right over the ears or with a good ‘roll back’ over the hounds neck.
The snood has a gap at the bottom underneath which allows it to fit snugly over the shoulders and to be well tucked under the front of the hounds coat.
A hole has been incorporated into the snood at the top, at 1/3 of the way down for a lead to be threaded through if the snood is worn on top of a collar.
If your hound is walked on a slip lead ( which will fit over the top of the snood ) or on a harness, the hole will not be needed.
Please let us know when ordering your snood/s, whether you require the lead hole, otherwise we can have the hole sewn together before the snood/s are sent to you.
Available in a variety of colours: Plain, Two tone, flecked, multicolour, glitter effect, and a variety of stripes = Thin or wide striped, flecked stripes or a mix of plain with some stripes. All colours available are either in bright or neutral colours.
These snoods are beautifully hand crafted by Afg volunteers, so we only have a limited stock available at any one time.
Please note: The colours shown here are only examples.

If you require a specific size,colour or mix of colours, please state this with your order, as if it is not in stock it could take up to 14 working days to become available for dispatch.
We will try to meet your requirements as accurately as possible.

A care instruction label is attached to the inside of the garment.


Extra Small (12"), Small (14"), Medium (15"), Large (17")


White, Creme, Light beige, Mid beige, Mid brown, Dark brown, Mustard, Olive, Lime green, Mid green, Dark green, Pale blue, Mid blue, Royal blue, Navy blue, Light pink, Mid pink, Dark pink, Bright pink, Lavender, Pale peach, Mid peach, Mid purple, Deep purple, Pale yellow, Mid yellow, Bright yellow, Bright red, Deep red, Maroon, Pale orange, Mid orange, Bright orange, Pale grey, Mid grey, Dark grey, Black, Glitter white, Glitter silver, Glitter pink, Glitter red, Glitter purple, Glitter black, Multicoloured mostly yellow, Multicoloured mostly pink, Multicoloured mostly blue, Mutlicoloured mostly purple, Multicoloured mostly black or navy, Multicoloured autumn mix, Light beige with multicoloured flecks, Bright pink with multicoloured flecks, Creme flecked, Bright rainbow, Thin striped (only from a mix of plain colours listed), Wide striped (only from a mix of plain colours listed), Fairisle Autumn mix, Fairisle orange/yellow mix, Fairisle mauves/pinks mix, Fairisle red/grey/creme mix, Fairisle blue/navy/turquoise mix, Fairisle Red/maroon/olive mix, Fairisle Greens/yellow/hint of blue, Fairisle Pink/Orange/Lilac/Turquoise, Fairisle Burnt Orange/Caramel/with hint of grey, Marble purples mix, Marble dark greens & aqua mix, Marble dark multi-coloured mix

Lead Hole

Required, Not Required